John Vincent Pica-Sneeden
Executive Director

John Vincent Pica-Sneeden has been the owner and designer of Surroundings Floral in Broad Brook since 1987.  John is a former member and board Chairman of the East Windsor Board of Education, and also a board of [...]

Nan Arnstein

Why I joined the CTGLC: I joined CTGLC because I believe the LGBT business community is a powerful economic force in CT that is largely underutilized.  By being involved at the board level, I look [...]

Taunya Bird

I often joke at work saying that I am trying to make the world “a little more gay”. Albeit a joke, I do want to do my part to make the world more accepting of [...]

John Thomas

Why I’m at CTGLC: I became aware of the CTGLC when the organization I worked for joined the chamber. After attending just my first monthly members’ meeting I knew the CTGLC was an agency I [...]